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Title: Marketing strategies of Caltex oil (Uganda) Limited
Authors: Mchaki, Norah Dick
Keywords: Business administration
Marketing strategies
Caltex oil (Uganda) Limited
Issue Date: Feb-2006
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The general objective of this study was to investigate the marketing strategies adopted by Caltex Company to effect its operations. Specifically, the study aimed to find out the marketing strategies of Caltex Company; to examine the marketing policies of Caltex Company with a view to recommending how it could effectively tap on potential oppmtunities to strengthen its market share and to investigate customer's attitude towards service provided by Caltex. The study used a descriptive study design. Purposive sampling was used to select 15 staff from Caltex. Convenient sampling was used to select 35 customers. Thus, the sample size was 50. The data collected was analysed using frequencies and percentages, which were presented using graphs and tables. Premium product is the most competitive fuel product for Caltex. Regarding the diesel and oil products, Havoline (gear oil) is the most competitive. Type and number of vehicles was the most explanatory factor for some of the products doing better than others on the market. It was established that the amount allocated as expenditure on Caltex's marketing drive was adequate. The most used advertisement media by the company was mainly billboards. It was found that advertising and product branding were most factors that made Caltex's products better than products of competitors. There are more customers from within Kampala than from without. This has implications to Caltex (U) Ltd. There are more customers serviced by Shell (U) Ltd followed by those serviced by Total (U) Ltd, Caltex (U) Ltd, Petro and Kobil. The major reason why most customers fuel at the same station was superior quality products. Most customers service their vehicle at Shell (U) Ltd. Following this category, are those serviced by Total (U) Ltd, Vlll Caltex (U) Ltd, Petro and Kobil. The major reason for customers servicing at the Caltex service station was superior quality products. Customers have a positive/good attitude towards service provided by Caltex. lt is recommended that Caltex (U) Ltd should first consider the type and number of vehicles in a region to determine the products it puts emphasis on while designing the marketing strategy. Caltex (U) Ltd should not rely mainly on advertising and product branding for marketing its products in order to out compete its competitors but enhancing the company reputation, offering sales services and customer support, promotion, on-time delivery, quality control, marketing research, use of new marketing methods, good customer care and control distribution channels. Caltex (U) Ltd should try harder to increase its market share given that it trails Shell and Total in the industry.
Description: A research dissertation presented in partial fulfilment for the award of a Degree in Bachelor of International Business Administration to the school of business and management Kampala International University february 2006
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