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Title: Impact of management training on the organizational performance: a case study of coca cola kwanza ltd Tanzania
Authors: Kimario, Albert Boniface
Keywords: Management
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: Tremendous changes that are happening in today's world of vibrant and competitive global dynamic changes have made some organizations to fail in maintaining and perpetuating their performance. An organizational performance is achieved if the company sustains its competitive advantage. Due to these turbulent changes in the market place, traditional competitive advantage is no longer the indicator of success. Compared to the last decades, these changes in technology can even make the company's marketing or financial edge be lost overnight. As a consequence of this, the survival and growth of an organization more than ever depends upon developing a more fundamentally and enduring asset. To meet the development of this important enduring asset, Training among others is very vital. This study therefore, examines whether there is a relationship between management training and organizational performance whereby a case study of Coca cola Kwanza ltd was used. The study was driven by three objectives namely relationship between management training and organizational performance, the relevance of management training on the organizational performance and consistency between training methods and employees needs. Different causal variables were incorporated to each specific objective so as as to explain the research problem. The researcher provides literatures that deemed relevant to each objective. As the study was explanatory in nature, the researcher adopted correlation design whereby qualitative and quantitative techniques were used to collect and gather the data. The study revealed that there is a significant relationship between management training and organizational performance. Just as the piece of wood must be burnt to a certain amount of temperature to generate heat or fire, this fire to be sustainable some powder like a mixture of aluminium can make it to generate more intense and brilliant light. It isn't easy to extinguish this flame, it self sustaining. Similarly man power after being acquired need support for development so that they will keep on burning under a wide range of environmental factors that can affect the company's strategic imperative. This study revealed that with training, a workforce that is self sustaining can be created. Commitment, devotion and dedication of employees to fulfill the customer needs may become self sustaining flame that makes the organization to compete, grow, survive and perpetuate its success. Generally the findings have suggested that the need to develop manpower is very crucial, but the challenge can be a company financial viability to keep pace with the rate at which change takes place. To overcome this therefore a company has to integrate training and its strategic goals. Through this study the researcher recognized that Coca cola Kwanza needs to sensitize the available training opportunities to be utilized as well as designing involvement and participation programs to tap employee deeper needs in order to incorporate them in the training program.
Description: Field research submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor Degree of Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
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