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Title: Impact of the minimum wage policy and the law: a critical analysis of the law in Uganda
Authors: Okayoi, Izale Benjamin
Keywords: Minimum wage
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of law
Abstract: The role of minimum wage in development and productivity of workers has always been subject of discussion throughout the country, and of the tabled before parliament. For a long time, minimum wage is viewed as a disincentive to investors and little attention if any was given against this background in the country. This dissertation examines the effectiveness of the law relating to the minimum wage policy in Uganda 1t'ith specific reference to Kampala city. the cardinal objective examined the efficiency of the minimum wages in Uganda, assessed the legal framework on minimum wage and identified the possible that the government can use to viewed as a disincentive establish the legal the legal framework on minimum wage and identified the possible mechanism and approaches thar the government can use to establish the level of the minimum wage in Uganda. within the context of policy analysis and existing economic theory, the study explores the grounds of the reluctance by the government to affixed minimum, wage. this dissertation also reviewed on the likely impact of minimum wages 011 various sectors in the economy. the study demonstrates that Uganda’s efforts to attain its major goal of prosperity for all by year 2050 need to be reviewed by adoption? proper labour legislation since the majority are unskilled manpower also cutter for disadvantaged. the major finding was that. the law in this regard still wanting to bridge the ever changing, economic situations. its success and enforcement required cooperation from the government and all agencies and labor institutions.
Description: A dissertation submitted to the school of law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a ward of a bachelor's degree in laws of Kampala international university
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