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Title: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Student's Academic Performance In Koibatek District-Kenya
Authors: Patrick, Kiprono
Keywords: Domestic Violence on Student's Academic Performance
Koibatek District-Kenya
Issue Date: Jul-2011
Publisher: Kampala International University, bachelors degree of science with education
Abstract: The main objective of the study was to examine the impact of domestic violence on student's academic performance. This has been associated with problems in student's cognitive processes and poor academic functioning, emotional effects exposure to depression and negative self concept which interferes with school adaptation, academic achievement and disciplinary problems. Literature was reviewed based on the various forms of themes; in all aspects it alluded to violence as a practice that emanates as a result of discrimination and unequal powers among men and women in spheres of use. The study employed a descriptive study design with a triangulation of both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. The qualitative methods involved, in-depth interviews with key informants, observation, documentation, and focused group discussions. Data analysis involved was content analysis from literature reviewed, manual analysis of primary data using excel and Microsoft word. The major finding was that children especially girls are potential victims of domestic violence on their academic performance and this is exhibited in the forms of early drop out of schools, early marriages, and family discrimination. Inconclusive remarks, in the study in Koibatek district it was clear from the onset that certain conditions are important in curbing domestic violence for example, Initiative policies to act against domestic violence, assisting victims of past and present domestic violence and incorporating all stakeholders in sensitizing people about the impact of domestic violence. The recommendations in terms of measures to combat DVSAP included the need for domestic violence legislation, strengthening community networks, transformation of social-cultural norms getting men involved in activities for combating violence, all this is aimed at improving the status of children within the society and enable them participate meaningfully.
Description: A Research Report Submitted To The Faculty Of Education In Partial Fulfillment For The Requirements Of The Award Of Bachelor Of Science With Education Of Kampala International University
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