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Title: The impact of industrial disputes on the performance of an organization. A case study of Kenya power and Lighting Company in Kenya
Authors: Kang'ethe Maina, Charles
Keywords: Industrial disputes
Kenya power and Lighting Company
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Publisher: Kampala international University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The research was designed under the topic "The Effects of Industrial Disputes on the performance on an Organization. Kenya power and lighting company was used as the case study. The study was set out to achieve objectives such as to establish the relationship between proper handling of industrial disputes and organization performance, to examine the causes and effects of industrial disputes in KPLC organization and to determine the ways of handling industrial disputes in Kenya Power Lighting Company. The study was carried out using a range of designs both probability and non probability, qualitative and quantitative hence a triangulation. This also dictated on the sampling methods. A total of 160 people were involved as respondents and 150 of them formed the sample using a confidence level of 95% The study significantly established a close relationship between disputes and the performance. Disputes were indicated to have largely an adverse effect on the performance of an organization and should thus be minimized at all levels. From the study's findings, it was seen that good industrial relations is both a means and an end result to performance. As a means, it was found to facilitate self drive, food interpersonal relationships and motivation among employees which drive performance in the organization. By all this minimizing industrial disputes appeared as a means to performance. Therefore, the study significantly proved that industrial disputes have an impact on the performance negatively. All organizations should embrace good industrial relations if performance is to be maintained at high levels and for the organization to fit in the competitive world that it exists in.
Description: A Dissertation Submitted to the School of Business and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree in Bachelor of Human Resource Management at Kampala International University
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