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Title: Factors influencing development of young children in Kosirai division, Nandi north district- Kenya
Authors: Amina, Faraj
Keywords: Education
Young children
Nandi - Kenya
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
Abstract: The development of each child depends on an individual child. This dissertation is about investigating the factors influencing development of each children in Kosirai Division, Nandi North District (Kenya) This study considers a few ECD centers. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used for the learners, parents and teachers. The above group will give out their own views on the development of the children. The respondents were chosen random from the division from selected learning institutions across the division research employed both qualitative and quantitative data. It was therefore a descriptive survey. The researcher has filled out that parents, teachers and the community at large contribute a lot on the development of young children. II is in view of the, that the researcher recommended that the parents and teachers be well formed on the roles they should play when bringing up and teaching young children. Parents and teacher are role models and they should also help in shaping the learners development and help them be be tier people in failure. Parents should also be deeply involved in creating family care that provides proper physical, emotional, social language, cognitive and moral development of their children. That's why parent should always keep track on what the teachers and Leaner.\' are doing while in school. The environment in 1rhich the child is brought up also matters a lot. The child's surrounding will affect the growth but they will even have much greater effects on other impacts of development. Therefore, the environmental factors include where the child lives, who looked after him, whether he is loved and wanted, the sort of' companion he has, 1vhether he is encouraged to learn, the food they eat all contribute a lot on the development of a child holistically. Parents should therefore consider all these factors to help their children develop to their potential. On the other hand the teacher is in most cases, the parent substitute at school. He is therefore supposed to help the child interact properly and in a socially acceptable manner with everybody around him especially at school. The teacher has to assist the child in an effort to acquire responsible adult. Therefore the teacher must of necessity learn about the child he is likely to deal with in future
Description: A research report submitted to the institute of distance learning in partial of fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a bachelor degree in education of Kampala international university
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