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Title: An Analysis of Challenges Faced In the Prosecution of African Heads of State at the Icc
Authors: Rachael, Tumukunde
Keywords: Prosecution of African Heads of State
Issue Date: Nov-2018
Publisher: Kampala International University, school of Bachelors degree of Law
Abstract: This chapter was based on an analysis of challenges faced in the prosecution of African heads of state at the ICC. it was based on five chapter where chapter on provided for the introduction, chapter two provided for the literature reviewed by various authors in relation to the topic, chapter three analyzed the performance of ICC, chapter four analyzed the role performed by the ICC in Africa. The methodology used in the conduct of this study was mostly doctrinal as opposed to empirical and it was conducted using written sources such as text books, journals, reports, articles, legislations, internet sources on the subject as well as case law. Therefore, the sources used for the conduct of this study were gotten from libraries such as the Iddi Basajabalaba Memorial Library, the Makerere University library and other libraries as is necessary for the successful conduct of the study. In conducting this study, various literatures were consulted. Various literature were used and these included international legislations such as the Rome Statute and the Geneva Conventions including their Additional Protocols, text books on the subject, articles, journals, reports. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court established the International Criminal Court providing for its jurisdiction to try and prosecute persons found to have committed crimes provided for in the Statute. The study concluded international law jus cogens imposing obligation erga omnes to prosecute and punish persons responsible lor intemational crimes prevail over immunity of state officials. This is relevant to both national and international courts. Recommendations were made to courts should hold that international law jus cogens prevail over immunity. Hence the international criminal Courts should issue subpoenas against "state officials who may be in a position to assist the defense or prosecution and the courts in unfolding the truth and for fairness reasons to the accused persons.
Description: A Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Law In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The A Ward Of A Bachelor Of Laws Of Kampala International University
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