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Title: Defilement and Its Impact upon Children in the Community: A Case Study Kamuli District
Authors: Ruth, Kawuudha
Keywords: Defilement
Children in the Community
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University, school of diploma of Law
Abstract: The children of communities today are faced with numerous challenges and the most outstanding in all of them is the defilement challenges. Precisely defined as sexual offense and is the construct to have carnal knowledge with a person under the age of majority, irrespective of the sex of a child by the majority or minority male who is older than a minority female defilement poses a societal threat and the impediment. Under criminal law taking its toll on the central of the vice in community, it remarks un certain as to whether the law is too weak to ensure it's reduction as n.ational statistic on defilement cases is on rise year to year out. The question that puzzles through the heed of many legislators is what believed to be done by communities to safeguard the children from the vice? Is there hope that a proper research on this topic shall provide reliable information on the state of law and recommendations?. In the main objective of this study being an identification and assessment of the problem of sexual abuse on children with defilement puts in a limelight of this research. The legal concept of the state of law on central of defilement both national and international law a great regard in this research.
Description: A dissertation Submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of diploma in laws at Kampala International University
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