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Title: Labour discrimination in Uganda: a case study of Uganda police force.
Authors: Owakubariho, Caleb
Keywords: Labour
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Law
Abstract: The researcher will be interested in investigating the labour discrimination in Uganda while focusing on police force as the area of interest. This was because of the emerging issues concerning labour and labour rights which are sensitive in the Uganda employment sector and one of the critical but often ignored concepts is that concerned with labour discrimination. Uganda is characterized by labour discrimination both in social, economic and political spheres of society. In the labor economy, discrimination continues to prevail in terms of recruitment and appointments, wage determination, promotion, gender inequality and workplace violence among others. The researcher is necessary· . since there is a need for a unified conceptual framework for gender inequality and discrimination in the police force and routine information to increase understanding of prevalent types, forms, and health systems consequences. The study ":'ill employ mixed qualitative and quantitative methods to address discrimination from several angles and better triangulate data. The population of study will include the Uganda Police force, the Ministry of Public Ser-Vice, · officials from the Ministry of Labour and economic development the formal sector and sections of the public. The officials of the police force will be both senior and junior officers of the police force engaged in labour-management and concerned offices. The study will employ information about this topic and the information will ·be obtained from previous scholarly materials, written articles, journal entries, newspaper articles, police publications, and labor related booklets will be the main sources of literature connected with the problem. Conclusion and recommendations will depend upon the researcher's findings anci which will have been critically analyses to obtain the.real meaning of the information. The recommendations will be made to police force, public . service, ministry of gender labour and social development.
Description: A research report submitted to the school of Law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the A ward of a Diploma in Law of Kampala International University
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