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dc.contributor.authorOkoth, Job-
dc.descriptionA dissertation submitted to the School of Law in partial fulfillment for the award of t a Diploma in Law of Kampala International Universityen_US
dc.description.abstractThe study aimed at analyzing the law and practice in Uganda regarding defilement. The objectives of the study were; to examine the existing laws in relation to defilement in Uganda and to establish factors and practices that aggravates defilement in Uganda. The researcher used a descriptive design to get in-depth information about the topic to critically m1alyses the laws about defilement and practice in Uganda. Stratified random sampling was used. !' 1• The respondents were grouped into three categories that is the; law makers, the police and parents; each category makes a sub group. In each sub group, random sampling of ten (1 0) respondents ' ' was done for easy representation of all sample categories to make an overall total of30 respondents I ' 1! selected. The researcher used a questionnaire as a major tool for data collection. A questionnaire!•e was formulated and designed in a structured self-administered questionnaire fashion. Additional data was also collected through review of events as they were reported in the newspapers, internet. text books, newspapers, journals, law books regarding the topic understudy during the study period. This research tool was preferred because it is essential and 'enabled the study to come up with facts, figures, ‘opinions m1d detailed information. Results of the study revealed that Uganda has laws in place that criminalize defilement however the citizens practices have over the years led to increased cases of defilement cases still Uganda and Kampala in particular because having a ,, good law that is not translated into good practice or even guard the children against defilement is a very big waste. The study results revealed that defilement is still a very big challenge in Kampala district and has led to high school dropout; early pregnancies and spread of diseases especial)y . ' ' sexually trm1smitted diseases which are all harmful to children. Therefore, the government together with all the other stake holders including parents have a very big role to play if defilement is to be reduced in Kampala. This calls for increased public sensitization about the defilement law as well as the practices that should be stopped due to their negative contribution towards increasing defilement in Uganda, so that the lives of the children are protected. The study recommends the law enforcement authorities to make sure that the law takes its course especially those that are brought to court should make sure that the right procedure is followed as stated in the law.en_US
dc.publisherKampala International University,School of Lawen_US
dc.subjectlaw and practiceen_US
dc.titleDefilement: a critical analysis of the law and practice in Ugandaen_US
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