Assessment of the role of the media in promoting population issues A Case Study of New Vision News Paper.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The major objective was to examine the role of the media in reporting population issues in Kampala district. The study was conducted in, Kampala-Uganda. Community members, political leaders, media officials, population analysts were involved in the study. A total of 70 (seventy) participants, 30 community members, 10 political leaders, 10 media officials, and were involved in the study. The study question was investigated in line with the research questions of the study. The first research question was "What are the causes of a high population growth in Kampala?" The study discovered that; high birth rates, low death rates, improved medical facilities, migration and government policy were the factors given by the respondents. The second research question was "What challenges do the media face in reporting population issues?" The study findings revealed that; lack of finance, poor media programming illiteracy, poor birth registration, and inaccessibility were the answers given here by the respondents. The third research question was "What are the impacts of a high population growth in Kampala?" The answers given by respondents to this researcher question were therefore as follows; poor housing, unemployment, congestion, poor sanitation, solid waste accumulation, wetland degradation, poor sewerage disposal and water pollution were the answers given. Conclusions and recommendations were then made after presenting and interpreting the data.
A Dissertation Submitted As Requirement in Partial Fulfillment of the Awards of a Bachelor Degree of Mass Communication of Kampala International University.
Role of Media, Population Issues, Assessment, New Vision News Paper