Teachers attitude towards physical education among selected public primary schools of Kasa Rani Division Nairobi

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
The study revealed that Physical Education plays a significant factor in the Education setting. The study was guided by the following objective; to determine teachers' attitude towards ·physical Education in Public Primary schools of Kasarani Division - Nairobi. In the five selected public primary schools, samples were got by mixing papers thoroughly in a basket while blindfolding and then picked them out. The teachers were picked at random while the pupils were picked on a 1/3 (third) basis from the class register. The study revealed that despite the Ministry of Education having seen it necessary to tap talents, skills and develop them, this has not actualized the policy because Physical Education has not been done. The study therefore recommended that for teachers to change their attitude towards Physical Education there should be automatic upgrading to teachers who excel in it and thorough supervision by field officers and action to be taken.
Research report submitted to the Institute of Continuing and Distance Learning in partial fulfilment of requirement for the a ward of degree in bachelor of Education (E.C.P.E) of Kampala International University
Teachers, Attitude, Physical education, Public primary schools