Total quality management and employee performance. a case study of hotel intercontinental, Nairobi.

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Kampala international international: College of Economics and Management
The need for total quality management (TQM) of services has become increasingly relevant in the Kenya's' hospitality industry. But only a few people in the industry are aware of the concept TQM in the daily running of their business. This is the main reason that has prompted to this study. The entire study has focused its attention to evaluating, and assessing the efforts put by the management team of the Hotel Intercontinental Nairobi towards promoting TQM whilst adjusting to fast changing guests' preferences and behavior and increasing competition. Specifically, the study begins by vividly defining the following concepts, which are key words: quality, service, quality service, quality management, quality management systems, total quality management, hospitality industry and hotel. Definition of these concepts will make it easy to understand the flow of the work. Various studies relating to TQM of services contacted elsewhere and relevant literature are cited. The actual research was contacted through questionnaires, personal observation, and review of relevant materials like textbooks, brochures and journals. Both junior staffs and managers were required to fill in questionnaires which covered the following; motivation, challenges, empowerment, benefits of providing quality service, training, and management style. Out of38 questionnaires 22 were returned and used in the data analysis. The data collected were tabulated, frequencies and percentages calculated. The finding from the research indicated that the majority of the junior staffs acquired knowledge about TQM while at the work place rather than in college or school. Also according to the findings most junior staffs have a general background of quality service in regard with TQM. According to junior staffs one of the most benefits of adopting quality service is the fact that the hotel gains total revenues. Lastly the research indicated that one of the challenges facing total quality service management is lack of inadequate facilities and equipment. From the findings it was recommended that the hotel should encourage teamwork, empowerment of junior staffs, training and motivation to achieve TQM concept.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelors in tourism and hotel management in the school of business and management of Kampala international university
Hotel management and tourism, Total quality management, Employee performance., Nairobi., Hotel intercontinental