The effect of procurement ethics on contract management case study: ministry of works and transport Kampala Uganda

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This research report looks at the effect of procurement ethics on contract management as the topic of the study was conducted in the ministry of works and transport Kampala Uganda. The research study examines objectives which included assessing the effect of confidentiality on contract management, the effect of competition on contract management and finally the effect of transparency on contract management in the ministry of works and transport. The researcher while with the help of tools like questionnaires and interviews found out that procurement ethics greatly affect the initiation of contracts until they are terminated. It also reveals the relative importance of competition confidentiality and transparency in achieving best contract management in the ministry. Father more the findings reveled that employees in the ministry recognize the presence of different procurement ethics that help in executing contracts as well as contract management. This research highlights recommendations to the ministry of works and transport on procurement ethics and contract management a case in point is ensuring that different committees meant for contracts should embrace these procurement ethics and more so penalties should be put in place and applied to employees who behave unethically. The researcher ends with a conclusion on this topic and areas for further research.
A research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor's degree in procurement and supply chain management of Kampala international university
Procurement and Supply, Procurement, Ethics, Contract management, Ministry of works and transport Kampala, Uganda