Roles of NAADs in promoting and improving household income in Masaka district, Uganda

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Kampala International University, Colleges of Humanities and Social sciences
Agricultural knowledge and information play a major role in agricultural development, particularly in food production in Uganda which improves the household income NAADS aims at improving access to marketing formation, bring technology close to the farmers and all other facts that concern agriculture. Introduction of modern storage like raised stores, farmer extension delivery, and modern farming. There is improvement in livestock management as a result of NAADS program. One of the influential extension approaches used for the past decades has been extension centered approach which focused more on improving efficiency in agricultural production rather than the educational process. The new National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) extension program has emphasized a farmer centered approach. The objectives of the study will be to establish the roles of the local farmers, assess the performance of NAADS in improving the livelihood of the people, the achievements of NAADS in the transformation of Agriculture in Masaka District. The study targeted people who participate in the NAADS policy implementation in the rural areas such as Agricultural extension workers, Sub County NAADS Coordinator and the farmers who are the major beneficiaries of the NAADS program. This included 48 peasant farmers who are beneficiaries of the NAADS program, 4 administrative structure for NAADS natural resources strategy implementation and 1 NAADS Coordinator. The overall total of the study population will be 53. The recommendations are that the government should increase funding for the NAADS program in Masaka district since it was found to be improving the livelihood of the peasant farmers. Corrupt leaders especially NAADS Coordinators and field extension officers should be penalized and replaced. NAADS is expected to increase with more farmers groups becoming sustainable including emergence of the large farmers organizations. In conclusion farmers are directly provided with farm implements and they have to use and enjoy the services directly. In a few cases farmers who perform well are given the chance to supply NAADS with seeds and other farm products like piglets and chic’s. Secondly, the performance of NAADS in Masaka district was found to be good due to the fact that it has transformed the agricultural sector of Masaka district through providing quality Advisory Services provided to farmers, promoting adoption of new crop and livestock enterprises that is evidenced by the improved yields and increase in the numbers of goats and pigs per household in Masaka district.
A research dissertation submitted to department of public administration college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelor’s degree in public administration of Kampala international university
NAADs, Household, Income, Masaka district