Stock monitoring and supply chain management model for supermarket retail services; a case of Uchumi, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
The research focused on the challenges of developing computerized information systems in a supermarket. the research study involved visiting uchumi supermarket which uses manual file-based system for managing inventory data, they face problems like data redundancy and inconsistency whereby some information is duplicated in several files. the file-based system does not allow required data to be retrieved in a convenient and efficient manner thus difficult in accessing data. the objectives therefore include: to investigate and analyze the present system so as to identify in efficiencies into the current system of monitoring and controlling stock in the supermarket. design, model and develop a computerized system for the organization: develop. implement, test and validate the system of record keeping in the school. the methods that were used to come up with the system included: for data collection, self-administered questionnaires, and structured interview for designing the database. Microsoft access was used and for the interface design, visual basics interface programming. finally, the implementation and the operation of the system was designed to accept only those who are the authorized to access the database from the visual interface using passwords and usernames granted by an administrator are used to gain access to the database. the research findings, the study was established causes of record keeping which is manual system of data entry, update, and storage and storage of data which is riddled with problems like poor storage, consumption of time during data entry, loss of records. the new system is computerized from entry of data processing to generating of reports. the system has speed, validation routines and is reliable. it is secure through a password however faces by challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and others which hinders the development of computerized systems in organization.
Project report submitted to the school of computer studies in the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in business computing Kampala International University.
Stock monitoring, Supply Chain Management, Model, Supermarket retail services, Uchumi, Uganda