Community participation and success of development projects in Bosaso District Puntland, Somalia

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Kampala International University
The study examined effects of community participation on success of development projects in Bosaso district, Puntland Somalia. This was aimed at ascertaining the level of community participation in development projects in the region, and to determine the extent of success for the development projects. The purpose was also to find out the challenges of community participation in development projects in Bosaso District, Puntland Somalia. The study was conducted in Bosaso district and the data was collected from the respondents based on the questionnaire and interview guide. The study was conducted based on the descriptive research design that sought for the descriptive statistics and regression analysis. The study was based on the sample size of 194 respondents. The study findings reveal that community participation in projects studied was generally low as indicated by the overall mean of 2.484. The second objective to ascertain the level of success for the development projects in Bosaso district present the mean of 2.267, SD=1.235 interpreted as low meaning to the success of the development projects is low. The extent to which community participation affects success of development projects as captured by the third objective was determined and revealed by the adjusted R of .011 which shows that community participation has a 1.1% effect on success of development projects. The fourth objective on the challenges of community participation in development projects in Bosaso district, Somalia. The results reveal that locally elected representative’s personal interests hinder community participation in projects, lack of policy on the direct community involvement, political intervention in project selection, and lack of dissemination of project related information, low degree of education and information on projects and lack of awareness on the projects establishments. The study concludes that the community participation in development projects was low, the community is not mobilized in the projects, decisions are taken without community notice and monitoring and evaluation is not properly established. The study concludes that community participation need enhancement. On the second research objective the study conclude that project success is not reached in several development projects in the organizations, the results conclude that success in time of costs, time and quality is not accurate in the operation of the successful projects in the business. Based on findings of the third objective, the conclusion was that educated community members participated more in development projects due to their knowledge of their importance in development projects, and participated more through resource contribution than through labour. The involvement of society in decision making was acquired to be low, entail the significant of the want for enlarged community participation in development projects. Thus, the study concludes that structural, social, financial and political challenges that affect success of projects through low community participation needs to be addressed. Based on the conclusions, the study recommends that government and relevant agencies working on development projects should clearly define the precise scope and role of community members given the evidence that many of the development projects fail because of unclear operational framework. Project implementer should work with the community to establish an active local civil society watchdog for monitoring and evaluation this will help ensure prudence and block misappropriation of funds directed to local projects. This will help engender transparency and community participation, resulting in liable leadership.
A research thesis submitted to the College of Higher Degrees and Research for the fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a master’s degree in project planning and management of Kampala International University, Uganda. Its available full text.
Project planning, Project management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Somalia, Bosaso District Puntland, Community Development