Challenges of Protecting the Right of the Girl-Child Education in Uganda: A Case Study of St. Agnes Primary School in Entebbe Municipsl Council

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of Guidance and counselling
This study was carried out with an aim of establishing the challenges of promoting the right to education of the girl child under Universal Primary Education (UPE) in Entebbe Municipal Council. The study objectively sought; to identify and review relevant human rights instruments that protect the right to education, to find out how the home environment affects the girl-child's right to education under Universal Primary Education, to establish the School environment factors that are a barrier to the girl-child's right to education under Universal Primary Education. Data were collected mainly through the use, questionnaires. The study involved a total of 50 respondents that is; Head teachers, female teachers, male teachers, parents, Municipal leaders and Pupils were sampled, these were all involved in the school's activities at different levels. The study found that, there are many children in UPE schools in the country, but to a greater extent girls are viewed as failures to a greater extent because of negligence of the government to sponsor the programme in time and ensuring the right to girl child education is given a special attention in primary schools. Because in order to understand the challenges of protecting and promoting the right to education of the girl-child under Universal Primary. In conclusion, it was asserted that the teaching of learners in schools under UPE programme is not being carried out as it should be in many schools. It is proved beyond reasonable doubt that teachers face a lot of challenges while handling these children. Finally, a number of recommendations were suggested that; teachers should constantly be encouraged to be prepared for the good of the pupil they teach, not for pleasing the head teachers, they should, therefore, envisage the various procedures as valuable. So, regular boost courses and workshops should be planned, organized and conducted for teachers regardless of their experience and inspectors of schools at the district and national levels should update their knowledge, teaching methods and practice were suggested as presented in chapter five.
A Research Report Submitted To The Faculty Of Education In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Bachelors Degree In Guidance And Counseling Of Kampala International University
Right of the Girl-Child Education, St. Agnes Primary School in Entebbe Municipsl Council