Succession planning and organization performance (a study of a Non Government Organization-Send a Cow Uganda)

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between succession planning and organizational performance at a Non-government organization called send-a cow Uganda. The purpose of the study was to examine the succession planning practices currently being adopted in SACU and the impact these practices have had on the continuity and success of the SACU projects in Uganda. The objectives of the study were; to examine succession planning practices in Send A cow Uganda; to examine the contribution or succession planning to organizational performance; to describe the challenges of implementing succession pl aiming in Send A Cow Uganda; and to identify the possible strategies to improve implementation of succession planning in Send A Cow Uganda The study adopted a cross sectional design using a quantitative approach. The population of the study was the staff of SACU is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) founded in 1988 with a current staffing level at 66 staff members who are employed by SACU. The study revealed that, lack of support by persons of influence at times had limited success of efforts of employees to assume higher positions in SACU. It was also reportied that ego related concerns have impaired smooth implementation of succession of leaders in SACU. This means that succession management practices cannot be effective in an environment where mistrust and ego thrive among employees especially between leaders and their subordinates.
A Research Dissertation Submitted To The College Of Economics And Management In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor's In Human Resource Management Of Kampala International University
Succession planning, Organization performance, Non Government Organization, Send a Cow Uganda