The impact of imprisonment on the health rights of female inmates, a comparative study: a case study of Soroti Prison-Uganda

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Kampala International University; School of Law
KEY WORDS; Prisoner Health Rights, Health Care Service Provision, Nutrition, Activity, Hygiene and Sanitation. BACKGROUND: Female inmates tend to suffer poor health on a range of indicators. This Study sought to explore Female and Male Inmates' perceptions of the Impact of Imprisonment on their Health Rights and Well-being. METHOD: This Qualitative Study involved both adult Female (20) and male inmates (I 0) who were either Remands or Convicts at Soroti Prison in Eastern Uganda. Pa1iicipant Observation, Individual, and Focus Group Interviews were conducted RESULTS: Both female and male inmates reported that imprisonment mainly the manner of health care service provision, poor nutrition, sharing of basins, urinary, and shaving equipment’s in prison impacted negatively upon their health. Inadequate and improper medical care, poor nutrition, hard manual labour, separation from families (in particular biological children), cruelty of prison staff, enforced living with other inmates living with HIY/AIDS that puts them at risk of contracting TB, and lack of physical exercise affected their own health. Both the female and male inmates complained of under dosage and being forced to dig and do other manual work while sick. Female inmates reported that the use of worn out pieces of their prison uniform during menstrual cycle made them vulnerable to Candida, lack of privacy and the loss of their role as mother are additional 'pains' suffered by them. Male inmates on the other hand. described responses to imprisonment that were also health negating as sleeping bed-bed on the floor, using one blanket to lay as well as for covering, sleeping without mosquito
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University
Imprisonment, Health rights of female inmates, Soroti Prison, Uganda