The effect of squatter settlements on the environment :

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
A study was conducted in Nkere zone Makindye Division a Kampala suburb, the main issues considered included the manner squatter settlements develop, who establishes them and why it happens so. Then their impact on both the human and bio-physical environments. The study also considered measures and controls to reduce the development of slums around cities. A general study survey research design was used in carrying out this study and instruments in data collection included questionnaires administered to key respondents like Division and Medical officials and other government relevant bodies, then local resident respondents. Some interview schedules were also used to collect data from residents and other representatives of Nkere zone. Photography and observation were also applied. Findings revealed that the effect caused by squatter settlements to the environment is so adverse in the sense that irreversible environmental damage may be the end result if not checked in time. Natural resources which include land, water and air(air pollution) may be affected severely as a result of squatter settlement. The community involved and those far from the settlements may be affected too, because environmental degradation impacts are pervasive and have far reaching effects. A situation where problems like disease outbreaks due to unsanitary conditions and also when the resultant contaminants can spread from the source to neighborhood, likewise when contagious diseases that start and spread to other people in near by places. The study also found out that squatter settlements cause or result into property damage and some natural resources may lose value when environmental degradation escalates. A precise conclusion can be made that, squatter settlements should not be let to occur in the first place because it’s very expensive to avert, and the destruction of natural environment may lead to life and property destruction due to the resultant environmental integrity loss.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
squatter, settlements, Environment, Nkere zone