Education policy implementation and performance of schools in Bududa District, Eastern Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Education
The purpose of the study was to explore the role of education policy implementation and performance of schools in Bududa district, eastern Uganda. The study sough to examine the role of education policy on performance of schools in Bududa district Eastern Uganda. The objectives were to examine the challenges faced in the educational policy implementation in the schools and finally to establish the strategies for improving the performance of schools through policy implementation. The study was conducted based on a descriptive design based on 40 respondents for the data collected from the respondents in Bududa district using the questionnaires. The study conclude that there is need for adequate mechanisms that are intended to provide avenues for enhancing the policy for decision making, the education policy had some contribution to performance though the performance was low. The second objective reveal that the means of the provisions undertaken determine that the challenges for implementing education policy were funding and administrative hence the need for development of a mixed scale of the assessment and finally on the third objective, the strategy for education implementation were prevailing but poor and low hence the need for an actual focused environment on the values and stakes of the community involvement and enhancing funding and supervisions to generate the proper policy implementations. The study recommend that the education policy need to be strengthened in terms of content and implementation through adjustments of policy, training the managerial staff on implementation of the policy and providing the assessments for managers regarding the avenues of management for the schools, the schools systems need to be developed further in order to generate cooperation for the managerial efficiency and performance. There is need for enhancement in the implementation of the resources as mechanisms to generate the performance and functioning of the government entities and support of the management to get avenues to improved management of the resources, allocation of duties and responsibilities in proper form to attain improved performance for the employees. The study based on the findings recommend that education staff prepare for their future staff needs through strategic human resource planning, educational organizations must also assure their teachers and other employees that there will be opportunities for them to develop. There is need for establishment of proper education policy that emphasizes equal opportunity for both boys and girls.
A research report submitted to College of Education, Long Distance and E-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor’s degree of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Education policy implementation, Performance of schools, Bududa District, Eastern Uganda