Effects of employee welfare services on their performance case of windsor golf hotel and country club Nairobi Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The research contains five chapters. The first chapter gives introduction to the topic in view which is on the effects of employee welfare on their level of performance. It also introduces to Windsor Golf hotel and country club which is the organization that the researcher intends to get comprehensive information from. This is a hotel based industry, a fast growing and also a major source of revenue in our country and hence where welfare of all employees is of much essence. It indicates the specific research objectives and the research questions which will help to analyze all the information required. The second chapter covers the reviews of different authors who have different views on the topic in question. The chapter will comprehensively cover all the variables that revolve around employee welfare. Different views, sources and beliefs will be featured to ensure that accuracy of information is achieved. The third chapter will show the steps that will be followed in the execution of the study. A descriptive research design will be used to enhance in-depth information which will help show an accurate profile of persons, events or situations. The research targets 300 employees where a sample of 50% in each department will be issued with questionnaires to fill in without manipulation and the data collected will later be analyzed through the use of graphs and pre charts. Personal responsibility and confidentiality and confidentiality of information acquired will be maintained. The forth chapter shows the analysis for the collected data presentation and the interpretation of the data. Here the findings will be presented in the various respondents in the hotel this including the age rate of respondents, gender, departments among others. This will be in form of charts and graphs. The effects of the welfare services will be analyzed and scrutinized. The last chapter highlights the findings, conclusions and researchers recommendation on the effect on the effects of welfare services on employee performance.
A research project presented to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the course Bachelor of International Business Administration of Kampala International University
employee, welfare services, hotel and country, Nairobi Kenya