Influence of strikes on students’ academic performance in Meru Central District at Abogeta Division

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The purpose of this study was to establish the influence of strikes on students’ academic performance in Meru Central District at Abogeta Division. The study was conducted under three research objectives. These were; To investigate causes of strikes in the selected secondary schools of Meru central di strict. To establish relationship between strikes and academic performance in the selected secondary schools of meru central district. To find out ways to curb the strikes and improve academic performance in the selected schools. Questionnaire was the main instrument of data collection. Conclusion from the major findings it can be seen that strikes in the selected schools originates from different angles. Some of the sources or causes of strikes include peer influence, hard childhood influences and lack of parental care. Administrative weaknesses, too much oppression, influence from some teachers. As regarding the relationship between strikes and academic performance of students, it has been noted that strikes leads to poor academic performance. In reality over 90%of the candidates during the year of the strike perform poorly. The poor performance was attributed to unfavorable environment created by students during strikes. lack of responsibilities and imitative for personal studies, vandalism of academic materials hence no room for consultation, interruption of learning school program among others. Concerning ways to curb strikes and improve academic performance it has been revealed that through involving students in the administrative process of strong disciplinary committees in schools providing counselling services to their students encouraging students to actively participate and associate themselves with their religious utilization the phenomenon of strikes is likely to be concentrated on their activities hence academic improvement among students in secondary school. Recommendations as strikes have been cite to be detrimental to better academic performance in secondary schools, the researcher suggest the following ways to keep harmony in schools and boost academic performance. Schools should continue to establish and empower the discipline to enable students behave well and reward should be allocated to them Teachers who tend to misbehave or innate students to strike should be properly summoned before things get out hands. As this may impart some fear in them to act outside their professional boundary. Students forum led by prefect should also be improved and empowered in schools. This forum will enable students to address their grievances Recommendation from the previous schools of students should be sought before they are admitted at new schools. This will enable administrators and teacher to know those with bad behavior. Counselling services to those with deviant behavior should continue. This will help to model students and shape their psychological and emotional challenges and enable students to act with respect and observe school rules and regulations. Parents should be sometimes be invited to school and they discuss the behavior of their children. This will instill some fear in students who misbehave at school since they will not want to be embarrassed before their parents.
Research report submitted to the faculty of education in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor of arts with education of Kampala International University.
Strikes on students, Academic performance