Organizational policy response to HIV/AIDs at the workplace: a case study of world Vision Uganda

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Kampala international international, College of Economics and Management
This study is about Organizational Policy response to HIVIAIDS at the place. It also examines the effect of the HIV/AIDS policy on the overall performance of staff. HIV/AIDS is not just a health issue but also a multi-sectoral and work place issue, a development challenge, and a source of wide spread insecurity . The objectives were to find out whether the organization has an HIV/AIDS policy, the process of its development and its implications on the human resource management. To find out the staff responsiveness to the Organization's HIV/AIDS Policy and strategy and identify the key areas in the HIV/AIDS policy which need to be addressed. A cross sectional research design was used in the study where samples were picked from similar populations in different locations. The respondents included staff of World Vision. Random sampling techniques and purposive sampling was used. Data sources included both primary and secondary data. Data were gathered through the use of questionnaires, Observation and interviews while secondary data were gathered from textbooks, journals, the internet and work place policy manuals. The findings illustrate that World Vision Uganda has formulated an HIV/AIDS policy. However, some of the Staff was not involved in its formulation, stigma still prevails and there is no financial backup to effect the implementation of the policy. On the basis of this, the researcher recommended that the policy should be revised through a consultation process with the management and staff at all levels. There should be a budget set aside for its proper implementation. This then must be followed by intensive HIV/AIDS training throughout the organization to create more awareness.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Kampala International University
Business administration, Organizational policy, HIV/AIDs, Workplace, World Vision Uganda