Lean Concepts and Methods : 3P

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International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology
Nowadays competitive business environments, introduce new products of the global market, ahead of the competition and evaluate optimized procurement of goods from the global point of view, are essential. Accomplish businesses develop and strengthen their market position by manufacturing the highest quality of finish products more efficiently, at the minimum cost, and bringing them to market rapidly. Review the development step of a new product and need to start production preparation process (3P) based on Just-in-Time (JIT) within a small amount of time and in a timely fashion. Production Preparation Process 3P is an advanced lean approach required simulation, visual thinking, and kaizen for quick design for manufacturability. This work focuses on to minimize wastage of product, process design and used to eliminate waste in existing processes. However, this method is using within companies such as metals, petro- chemical, automobile industry and similar industries due to the demand for new products have increased. The reason for this research was to show the lean concepts, which can be efficient, effectively planned and managed.
Yusuf Abdulfatah Abdu, Onu Peter Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kampala International University, Uganda.
Production Preparation Process (3P), Just In Time (JIT), Kaizen, Waste, Lean Concepts