Motivation and employee performance: case of Wamuco motors (u) ltd industrial area plot 32 Kampala Uganda

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of this study was to examining the role of motivation in the improving employee performance at WAMUCO motors (U) Ltd. The specific objectives were to assess the methods used in motivating. Evaluate employees• knowledge about motivation and to assess ways of improving motivation at WAMUCO motors Ltd. To research on these objectives, a sample size of 50 respondents of WAMUCO motors, as used. Questionnaires. Interviews and observations were used to collect pri111ary data. Secondary data was also used: here the researcher was able to get a wide range of information from different literature on the topic. This was got from text books. Internet. Journals. Newspapers and magazines. By using the mentioned methods, the researcher was able to gather adequate information. From the main findings of assessing the methods used in motivating workers. evaluating employees• knowledge about motivation and assessing ways of improving motivation. The researcher found out factors such as adequate and timely salary payments. Promotion. Training. free medical services. Transport allowances and leave among the methods used to motivate employees at WAMUCO motors (U) Ltd. Employees who are highly motivated tend the organization for a long period of time. This is evident in the information provided. This motivation reduces the rate of employee turnover. Expenses of recruiting. Selecting and trainingnew employees. Furthermore. The researcher found out that all the respondents had knowledge about motivation. This was because they were able to tell what motivates and de-motivates them as already mentioned above. More so they were able to tell which group of employees was the most affected by poor motivation in the organization. Finally. The researcher found out the different ways of improving motivation at W/\Ml 'CO motors as suggested by the employees. The major recommendation was, since it was found out that the lower staff arc not high!) Motivated due to different reasons such as little pay, work overload and non-participation in decision making among others. Therefore management should devise means of 11101ivating the lower start through participation in decision making. Reducing the work load and increasing their salary among others
A research dissertation submitted to the college of economics and management sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in human resource management of Kampala international university
Human Resource Management, Motivation, Employee performance:, Wamuco motors, Kampala district