Factors Affecting Academic Performance of Physically Handicapped Learners in Selected Regular Schools in Rigena Zone South Gucha District in Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in special needs education
The title of this research paper is about the factors affecting the academic performance of the physically handicapped learners in selected regular schools in Rigena Zone. South Gucha District in Kenya. The objectives of this research paper were to determined the methods used to teach the physically handicapped learners, to determine the approaches that are adopted to assist in academic performance of physically handicapped learners in selected regular schools and to find out the problems faced by the physically handicapped learners and how to solve them. Front the data collected, the researcher found out that there is need for more teachers to be trained, remedial work should be given to the learners when they are absent for physiotherapy exercises. Further the research showed that a lot of modification need to be done to make the learning environment conducive. From the findings of the study the researcher recommends that there is need to provide barrier free environment for learners who are physically handicapped, conduct seminars and workshops and to include them in co-curricular activities, further to provide learning aids like the hearing aids and wheel chairs and lastly to take the learners for assessment for better placement.
A Research Report Submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree Bachelor of Education in Special Needs of Kampala International University
Academic Performance, Physically Handicapped Learners, Gucha District in Kenya