The effect of technology on industrial growth in Uganda: a case study for Mukwano industries in Makindye East, Division, Kampala District

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Kampala International University: College of Education Open and Distance Learning
In Uganda and the developing World as a Whole, Technology has continued to challenge the socio- political and Economic Institutions. The effect of technology on industrial growth in Uganda have been enormous. Consequently, the government, civil societies and the public have embarked on efforts to improve on technology so as to promote industrial growth. The study adopted a descriptive and explanatory research design using both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection such as interview, observation and questionnaire. As well as statistical tables. The source of data (information) was management) and employees of Mukwano industries located in Makindye East Division Kampala City. The findings indicated that Technology was very vital for the industrial growth of Mukwano industries and to a large extent it had positively affected the growth of these industries. It was therefore recommended therefore that carrying out education reforms, supporting the government efforts by the public towards economic industrialization through encouraging science based courses at all levels of education would help in promoting technology and hence encouraging further industrial growth.
A research report written in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Education, Kampala International University
Technology, Industrial growth