The roles of ngos in the promotion and protection of women's rights in Gulu district. A case study of holy rosary parish, Laroo division, Gulu municipality

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Kampala International International, School Of Law
The research is about the roles of NGOs in the promotion and protection of women's rights, the causes of women's rights violations, effects of violations of the women's rights, the state of laws concerning rights of women and the roles and procedures played by the NGOs towards the promotion and protection of women's rights in Gulu, particularly in Holy Rosary Parish, Laroo Division. The idea of Human Rights is proclaimed long time ago and the same were incmporated in the African Charter. Documents such as the International Covenants on Human Rights set out what governments and other Non-Governmental Organizations must do and also what must not do to respect the rights of their citizens. Many countries in Africa including Uganda have also included reference to respect and protection of women's human rights in their constitutions. It's a fact that some societies in Gulu and Uganda in general are still ignorant about the rights of women. The research endeavors to uncover ways and methods to reverse this situation. The main objective of this research was to establish the roles played by NGOs in the promotion and protection of women's rights in Gulu district. The respondents that were used for the study included; formerly abducted children, child-mothers, victims of sexual assaults and domestic violence, NGOs operating in Gulu district and community leaders. The findings were that of cultural, social and economic set up of the community in the area of study does not favor the rights of women and prove the competence of the NGOs in delivering towards the promotion and protection of the rights of women as per the state of the law and it is recommended that both the government and NGOs should sensitize women on their rights and about enforcement mechanisms that victims of rights violations can explore such as judicial remedies.
A research report submitted to the School of Law in partial fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University
Women's rights, Ngos, Protection of women's rights, Gulu district