The role of media in promoting disabled persons plights and Rights in Uganda A case study of National Union for Disabled Persons in Uganda (NUDIPU)

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
This research was carried out in NUDIPU in Kampala Uganda. The research examined how much the media covers the day to day activities of the disabled persons in society and media integration in their lifestyles. In handling the issue of disability, media has to be on the front line in highlighting the rights and concerns of PWDs. This includes fully participation in seminars, conferences and broadcasting their activities not only on world disability Day but through out the year their plight should be on the spotlight. We have to consider efforts and improvements in the media sectors targeting social assistance and categorical benefits directed to improving the conditions of PWDs. This includes gender aspects, equal representation politically, socially and economically. All these should be highlighted and advocated by the media since is surveillance in the community. As the worlds continue to be overtaken by globalization the fate of the disabled persons continue to be ignored. It is therefore the duty of the media to be on the fore front in agenda setting and advocating the rights of the disabled persons since it is the watchdog in the society.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment as Requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Mass Communication Degree of Kampala International University.
Role of Media, Disabled Persons, Plights and Rights, Promotion, National Union for Disabled Persons in Uganda (NUDIPU)