The effects of supervision on academic performance in Secondary schools in Ollessos division, Nandi east District

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
The study sought to establish the effects of supervision our academic performance in secondary schools in 0llessos Division, Nandi East district. Fourty (40) respondents who included teachers, students and, board of governors' members were selected for the study from five (5) schools in Ollesso Division, Nandi East district. The schools were both government aided and privately owned big and small in size. The data was collected using questionnaires discussions and structured interview schedule. The results of the study indicated that the effect of supervision on academic performance of students in secondary schools was too enormous. It affected school grades and led to better performance of students academically. The results of the study indicated further that head teachers indeed performed their role of lead supervisors in secondary schools, which in return brought about good academic performance of students. The results of the study indicated further that there existed a number of other factors other than supervision which can bring about better academic performance among students in schools. In conclusion, the findings of the study reveal that head teachers performing their role as lead supervisors and a couple of other factors brought about good performance academically among secondary school students. The recommendations of the study were:- 1. Supervision in secondary schools should be given first priority and should always be emphasized so that the supervising agents closely monitor all school activities. 2. Head teachers should perform their role as lead Supervisors in secondary schools so that performance of the students is improved.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of a bachelor of education Degree of Kampala international university
Education, Supervision, Academic performance, Secondary schools, Nandi east District