Role of secondary education in poverty reduction. A case of Katakwi High School, St Stephen Secondary School in Usuk county Katakwi district, Uganda

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Kampala International University.College Of Open and Distance Learning
This research report is about secondary education and poverty reduction. It was carried out in Katakwi High School and St Stephen secondary school in Usuk County Katakwi District in Uganda.The objectives of this study are: o identify the cause of poverty in Usuk county Katawi district. To examine whether secondary education can play a role in poverty reduction.To determine the effects of poverty in Usuk countyTo find solution to poverty in Usuk county.The study was descriptive it employed qualitation methods since qualitative methods showed the experience necessary in amore understanding andanalysisof all related aspects.The study targeted some learners from two secondary schools that was Katakwi high school and St Stephen Secondary School where both girls and boys wereinterviewed. The research finds the cause of poverty to be lack of education improper use of resources, corruption laziness, alcohol consumption, HIV/AIDS, high population, rigid cultures and traditions, poor farming methods and lack of markets plus low farmer prices.The researcher discovered the effects of poverty to people in the society to beschool dropout’s poor health, low level of development, exploitation of the poor and migration of the people from affected areas.The solutions to poverty to this research are proper resource utilization, doing away with rigid cultures and traditions, gender equality better farmingmethods, better farmer price, development of infrastructure, anti corruption of alcohol, mass mobilization programmes against HIV/AIDS (awareness).The research looks at secondary education to be the back bone to poverty reduction. It’s because at this level of education many subjects are learned that are practical and it’s a through secondary education that learners can be aware of poverty, effects and possible solutions and then develop anxiety to reduce it.
Research report submitted to the college of education, open, distance learning in partial fulfillment for the award of bachelor’s degree of arts with education of Kampala international University
Secondary education, Poverty reduction, Katakwi District