The effects of poor sanitation on the community of Kabalagala sub county, Makindye division, Kampala, Central Uganda,

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Kampala International University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
A research to explore the effects of poor sanitation on the community was carried out in Kabalagala sub county, Makindye division, Kampala, central Uganda. The researcher focused on establishing the existing sanitary facilities, causes of poor sanitation, effects and measures to reduce the impacts of poor sanitation in the area. Different data gathering tools were used among which were observation, questionnaires, and documentation. The study revealed the following as the state of sanitation in this sub county; sanitary facilities were; Shared latrines, unshared latrines, urinals, toilets, rubbish pits and bathrooms. The causes of poor sanitation; weak leaders lack of skips, condition of trenches, weak laws, high population, filled up latrines and stagnant water. The effects were diseases, bad smell, filth, leachates and conflicts. And the measures to reduce the impact of poor sanitation was to introduce skips, strengthen laws, free nets (mosquito nets), repair and construct trenches, spread responsibility, free rubbish collection, sensitization, construct public toilets, rubbish collection time schedule revised, continuous inspection and support projects in the area dealing with sanitation. The study shall therefore benefit in one way or the other the local government planners and local council leadership in the area as gaps on sanitation situation in the area have been identified and presented there in this report at the same time the researcher obtained a lot on how to conduct scientific research and exposure to its community application with the guidance of the different data gathering tools. Generally, sanitation in Kabalagala Sub County is poor since the area is a highly populated suburb with numerous unsanitary and unplanned settlements, poor waste management together with poor drainage system which has then exposed a large number of this population to conditions unfit for human survival.
A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for Award of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Environment Management of Kampala International University
Poor sanitation, Community, Kabalagala sub county, Makindye division, Kampala, Central Uganda