The influence of employee’s attitude on work performance in Uganda: a case study of Kabalagala Police Station

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social science
The study assessed the implication of attitude on work performance of police officers. Specifically the study assessed attitude of police officers, assessment of performance of police officers and the relationship between attitude and performance at work place. Both qualitative and quantitative research designs were employed; the two study designs were useful in the acquisition of rich, detailed and quantifiable data. The study population included 50 respondents. Findings reveals that police officers’ attitude is not uniform but varies from one police officer to another despite of the fact that they undergo similar training meaning that even the degree of its (attitude) impact to their (police officers’) performance. It was found out that some police officers reach decisions too late since 26.7% of participants openly agreed to be reaching decisions too late, 68.3% disagreed and 5% had no response. Majority of police officers reported to be punctual this implies a lot in the performance of police officers. Close to 74% of respondents agreed that they are trustworthy, 22% were neutral and 4% were untrustworthy. This implied that the degree of performance based of trustworthiness status is relative although many police officers are trustworthy. In conclusion different police officers have different attitudes which impose different impacts to their performance. It is against this background that there is need to m~ch attitudes with the departments each police officer is given. Also the responsibilities assigned in a particular department should be marched with someone’s attitude. Among the areas identified for further study or research include but not limited to the following; the relationship between employees attitude and work performance in private organizations for example MTN companies. There is also need to investigate about the influence of gender and enforcement of laws in the police force.
A research report submitted to the college of humanities and social science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree of public administration of Kampala International University
Employee’s attitude, Work performance, Uganda