Evaluation of a manual shopping system and development of an online shopping cart. a case study: magic technology, Kasese district, Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
The main objective of this research was to Evaluate a Manual shopping system and development of an online shopping cart of Magic Technology which was designed to reduce time wastage traveling to go for shopping, easy access of goods and services to the customers, easy record tracking, store records of goods, prices, easy description of goods and making of reports after the customers purchasing goods. There was a manual based system of buying Computer books. This system lacked global outreach, time wastage traveling to go for shopping, easy access of goods and services to the customers, communication with potential clients, store records of goods, prices and etc. which needs to be automated and hence the efficiency of shopping online. The researcher used random sampling to obtain relevant data whereby a sample of 100 people was used, which included the staff and clients who were selected to respond to the questionnaires and the observation related to the study. A quantitative approach was used in this study with self-administered questionnaire where, the Resultant data was analyzed using average mean and the t-value was used to test for the difference between the existing system and the proposed online shopping cart were used for analysis as statistical tools. The study was to determine (i) profile of the respondents, (ii) review existing literature on e-commerce application in developing countries, (iii)to investigate the level of performance and efficiency of the existing system.(iv) To develop a highly user friendly and interactive system with high reliability, responsiveness, and security,(v) level of performance in terms of efficiency and in the proposed system, (vi) To evaluate the significant difference in performance of the existing system and the proposed system. The research covered Magic Technology limited, Kasese, Uganda the study took one compete year. The study was based on Rogers’ (2003) diffusion of innovations theory. The main objective of carrying out this Project was to evaluate the manual system and develop an online shopping cart System which was achieved. The researcher wishes to recommend that the application be developed further such that the above problems can be eliminated.
A thesis presented to the college of higher degrees and research Kampala international university Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of science in management information systems
Manual shopping system, Online shopping cart, Magic technology, Kasese district