Nutritional health and academic performance of children in selected primary schools of upper Nyakach Division Nyakach District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The purpose of !!lis stud!' \l'as to detamine the effect.\' of nutrition on learning in l'rimarr Schools in Uppa Nyalwch Dil·ision. 1Vralwch District. Kenm. The specific ohiectires olthe s/u((J' \\'ere to determine the effect o nutrition on ear/1· childhood De1·elopment Children in relation to grmrth am/ dnelojJIIlent. School achie\'elnent. Health and de/amine the importance of' nutrition on ear~\· childhood de\·e/opment children. The stw~r(imnulated if ue.1·t ionna ires .filr the purpose of"co//ecting dataji-omthe teachers. Foc11s gi'!IUfl inten·inl'.\' \l'ere conducted as H-ell. The.fim/ings re\·ealed n11trition had WI impact on the grmrth and de\·e/opmenl ola child am/ also a{JCcted his her educational achiel'ell!enls and health The studr recommended that: the goFernmenl should make sure thor if j(JL·uses on nutritional (1/Jd .f(.'eding programs in PrimaJT Schools. 717e parents am/the commw1ity should he sensiti::ed on the importance of nutrition on early childhood and also /Uughl hmt' to feed their children on right al1(/ importanl(iwd
A research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Education Degree in Primary of Kampala International University
Nutritional, Health, Academic, performance