Means of Attaining Transparency and Accountability in Public Procurement Process: A Case Study of Mukono District Local Government

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research sought to address the effects of Public Procurement System in attaining Accountability and Transparency for Public Procurements in Selected Local governments a case of a Selected Local government-Mukono District. Three objectives were set for this research which involved identify the procedures and guidelines set for public procurement processes categorically to the factors affecting public procurements, Assess the public procurement system and determine how these factors interplay and affect the system resulting in lack of Accountability (monetary value) and Transparency in the public procurement sector. Organization structure, internal and external control system, management involvement and management of public procurement processes and funding of Public Procurements were factors identified as hindering the effectiveness of Public Procurements thus limiting the effectiveness of the Public Procurement System. The inefficiencies of these factors lead to lack of Accountability and Transparency within public procurement processes. The questionnaire and interview guide were the tools used to obtain findings to the research questions, the research findings were organized, coded and analyzed descriptively and also the correlation coefficient used to verify the validity and reliability of the hypotheses of the research which were to the determine the dependability of the effectiveness of the public procurement system on the guidelines and procedures set for public procurement, the factors affecting public procurement leading to lack of transparency and accountability (value for money).
A Thesis Submitted To the School Of Postgraduate Studies in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for Award of a Degree of Master of Business Administration (Procurement and Supply Chain Management) of Kampala International University
Transparency and Accountability, Procurement Process