Workplace Environment and Employee Performance in Two Selected Microfinance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon

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Kampala international international : College of Economics and Management
The work environment which encompasses several factors impacts on the way the employees perform their work. A comfortable and all-inclusive workplace environment will boost the employees’ performance hence boosting the organizational performance. This research examined the effect of workplace environment on employee performance in microfinance institution in Bambili, Cameroon. The research was guided by three objectives; i) to examine the effect of training and Career Development on Employee Performance in Micro-Finance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon, ii) to evaluate the effect of Supervisory Support on Employee Performance in Microfinance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon, and lastly ii) to examine the effect of Working Equipment on Employee Performance in Micro-Finance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon. The study used a cross-sectional research design and it involved a total population of 143 respondents; out of which 105 were identified as the sample size. Simple random sampling and purposive sampling techniques were used to determine the participants in the study. Findings indicated that; training and development significantly affect employee performance in Micro-Finance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon, there is a significant effect interpersonal relationship has on employee performance in Micro-Finance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon and the findings of this study proved a positive significant effect working equipment have on employee performance in Micro-Finance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon. The researcher concluded that; training and development enables employees to progress from a present state of understanding and capability to a future state in which higher level skills, knowledge and competencies are required, employees can be allowed to take on responsibilities that are important to the company, and acquire roles within the social framework of the organization, but they are expected to always act with the best interests of the company in mind, hence creating a good relationship between employees and the management, and lastly providing the working equipment to workers reduces the rate of complaints and absenteeism while increasing performance of employees and thus increased productivity, since providing amenities and facilities for the health, safety and welfare of employees is an important employer duty. Recommendations were; Micro-Finance Institutions should develop good training plans, and this will help to cater for issues surrounding quality of services, contract compliance, and customer service issues can be resolved internally before going out. The contribution to knowledge was; it is the fact that the following are the working environment strategies which can be used to increase the level of employee performance in Micro-Finance Institutions in Bambili, Cameroon; training and development, interpersonal relationship plus provision of working equipment. The following are the common strategies which can be used by the Micro-Finance Institutions to measure employee performance levels; timeliness, quality of Service and feedback.
A Research Thesis Submitted to the College of Economics And Management In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Workplace Environment, Employee Performance, Microfinance Institutions