Specifications and procurement service delivery in the Ministry of Education and Sports Kampala Uganda

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The study explored the levels for specifications, the levels for service delivery, the attributes of procurement service delivery, and the relation between the variables while measuring how specification influences service delivery at Ministry of Education and Sports. In order to achieve these objectives, both primary and secondary sources were used to obtain data. The study revealed that specifications greatly impact on service delivery. The study aimed at establishing the relationship between specifications and service delivery in the procurement process, adherence to specifications and service delivery with the Ministry of Education and Sports in Kampala, Uganda. The government organization was deemed fit for this study since it gets funding directly from the Ministry of Finance and is bound by the new procurement law (the PPDA Act.) The researcher was concerned that whereas the procurement process was finalized where the specifications met during service delivery and how was the service delivery being measured. The findings by the researcher also revealed high levels on non-compliance with the new law by the organization. The study employed a cross-sectional descriptive survey designs, combining both quantitative and qualitative research paradigms. The study identified that there was awareness of specifications to the user departments. Adherence to the service delivery measurement procedures as cross-functional team was still inadequate. The study also established significant relationships between awareness of the specifications aspects and service delivery, adherence to aspects through suppliers, internal, external users’ results into service delivery projected by the institution. The study makes practical and policy recommendations to the institution as to the way forward to improve service delivery through specifications. Further areas of possible research have also been proposed for interested researchers to study in order to contribute to the research variables.
A Thesis presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Business Administration
Procurement service delivery, Ministry of Education and Sports, Kampala, Uganda