The impact of team building competencies on organizational performance in the banking industry: A case study of DFCU bank

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
In the recent past years there has been significant interest in the application continuous quality improvement and total quality management around the globe. The banking sector has substantially embraced the concept of the team building with the belief that these concepts and programmes will lead to an improvement in both the quality and efficiency with which banking services are delivered. According to Lashley, (1995) team building in banks is a means of empowerment and continuous improvement. A natural development to team building initiatives is the formation of self managed team to solve problems and drive continues improvement. In order to remain in the cutting edge, the banking industry has to consider and incorporate critical ingredients like team building. In a nutshell the study sought to asses the impact of team building competencies on organizational performance in the banking industry a case of DFCU Bank. The study was driven by three objectives : To analyze the organizational the organizational structure and group dynamics at DFCU Bank, to establish whether or not there is knowledge of team building competencies among the staff of DFCU Bank and they affect the performance of the bank and finally to examine the factors affecting teambuilding with regard to performance in DFCU. To achieve these objectives the researcher sampled 100 respondents at the DFCU Bank. The study utilized both qualitative and quantitative research methods two data collection instruments were used: structured questionnaire and interviews. The collected data was presented in tabular and figurative forms and analyzed statistically in order to decipher the findings.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirement of degree of Masters in business administration (MBA) of Kampala International University October 2007
Team building competencies, Organizational performance, Banking industry