Factors that affect academic performance of the mentally challenged learners in regular schools: a case study of Gurumesa Moyale, Moyale Division Central, Eastern Province, Moyale District Kenya

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Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning
This study was intended to find out the factors affecting academic performance of learners with mental deficits in regular schools; the study will look into attitude of teachers towards inclusion of learners with mental deficit in regular schools. The study employed survey design and quantitative method was also preferred because it uses standardized tools for example questionnaire which are directed to the selected sample. The main instrument for data collection used in this study was the questionnaire. The questionnaires were used to obtain information from teachers in regular schools special units and special schools for the learners with mental retardation. Some of the recommendations made out of the findings of the study include the following. a) Government policies on special needs education should be emphasized by the educational officers and provincial administration within Gurumesa Moyale. This will help to achieve declaration of education for all (EF A) b) A lot of awareness needs to be created to the whole community, that is the teachers parent and children on the importance of education for all regardless of individual differences. This will help learners with mental retardation get their homes, instead of traveling far too special schools and special units or some fail to achieve any collection service at all.
A research report submitted to Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education of Kampala International University
Academic performance, Mentally challenged learners, Regular schools, Moyale Division Central, Kenya