Suppliers’ evaluation criteria in procurement and attainment of total quality management in government sectors in Tanzania: a case study of Tanzania national road agency [TANROADS]

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Kampala international international: College of Economics and Management
The main concern of this study was to find out the supplier evaluation criteria and total quality management in government organizations in Tanzania. The major three specific objectives were, to identify methods used in evaluating suppliers in the agency, to identify the strengths and/or weaknesses of the supplier evaluation matrix used by the Procurement Management Unit - TANROADS, to identify measure to be used in order to attain total quality management in government sector. Through them, the study was able to come up with the expected results which came from a descriptive and comparative design. A sample of convenience was used. Data was collected through both primary and secondary sources. Among the tools employed were observation, interview, self-completion questionnaire, which involved almost all the stakeholders in the procurement department at the area of the study. On exploring the existing Supplier Evaluation Criteria, the study found that it passes through three stages namely, pre-qualification, detailed evaluation and contracts awards and control. However, on checking the areas for the existing Supplier Evaluation improvement, the study found it to be generally strong because it enables the agency to achieve his/her procurement objectives for the financial year. On identifying the relationship between education level and Supplier Evaluation Matrix, it was found that in reality there is a direct relationship between the two because the users of Supplier Evaluation matrix need to have fully knowledge on it otherwise they cannot execute detailed supplier evaluation. The study was also conducted to see if Total Quality Management is achieved by the organizations suppliers. The actual findings revealed that TQM n the entire process of supply in the organization is obtained by value for money and goods of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right price and on the right time. Ultimately the study concludes that, with respect to objective one that there is good Supplier Evaluation Matrix which is set in line with Public Procurement Act and Public Procurement Regulatory Authority it enables to get source. To objective two that the SEM is definitely strong because the Agency achieves her short and strategic procurement goal.
A dissertation School of business submitted to the school of economies and management in partial fulfillment for the ward of degree of bachelor of supply and procurement in Kampala international university
Procurement and Supply, Total quality, Management, Government sectors, Tanzania:, Tanzania national road agency