Analysis and design of a website for organic products; a case of national organic agricultural movement of Uganda

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
This project has the purpose of making a website as a tool for advertising for NOGAMU, a shop that sells organic products. First the researcher contacted the manager of the establishment and asked permission to interview staff and customers alike and use NOGAMU as a case study. They were very cooperative and discussed at length the system they are using at present and how it works, A mail sent to prospective customers every week and it contains information about the products that are there at the particular time. They have the option of getting goods delivered if they want to save themselves the journey to Kabalagala and the heavy traffic on Ggaba Road. The customers and staff also expressed what they felt was relevant to include in the website. From the research it was established that although the current system is working well and the number of customers have been increasing, the advertising could be improved by a website. It will reach a wider audience and many people that did not know about NOGAMU will be able to get information about the products and services of the shop. The website has been designed with clear information about the shop, where it is located and what products are to be found in the shop. It also has some information about organic products in general and there is a link to a page that tells more about the background of the shop and about the organization of NOGAMU. The website combined with the mail and delivery service that is already being used by NOGAMU will be able to reach many more with information about the possibility of getting organic products from NOGAMU.
A project report submitted to the school of computer studies in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a diploma in computer science of Kampala international university
Computer science, Website for organic products, National organic agricultural movement, uganda