Pastoralism and rangeland degradation: a case of Kabungo Parish, Ntungamo District

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Kampala International University, School of Natural and Applied Sciences
A study of pastoralism and the range land degradation was carried out in Kabungo parish, Ntungamo district. The main variables considered included the pastoralism activities, the problems of pastoralism on the range land, what can be done to minimize these problems in the area and the way forward through suggested recommendations to control the degradation of the range land. A general survey research design was used in carrying out the study. Instruments of data collection included questionnaires, interview guides, photography and observation check lists. Results revealed that major pastoral activities included: grazing of the cattle, pasture management, animal treatment, watering of animals, cattle breeding, and the marketing of cattle and cattle products. The problems of these pastoral activities on range land were evidenced on the vegetation through its type, value, preference, stable height, and trends. On soils, loss of fertility and erosion were considered, while availability and quality were for water resource. Cattle, as components of environment, their productivity, condition and fertility were based on, to determine the range land degradation. The study also found out that bush burning; having many watering points, grazing animals up to the water points, regular draining and de-silting of the wells, addition of the rock salt to water, early weaning of calves, cutting of tails and the extension services were major range land management strategies applied in the area. From the above, it was concluded that though the degradation of rangeland environment can be natural through sheet erosion by wind and water on hill sides and prolonged drought, human pastoralist activities play a major role. The recommendations include: destocking, introduction of improved cattle breeds, rotating night kraals, provision of extension services, provision of credit facilities, record keeping and the implementation of Cattle Grazing Act (196.
A thesis submitted to the school of postgraduate studies in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the award of a Master of Science in Environment Management and Development of Kampala International University
Pastoralism, Range land degradation, Ntungamo District