Violation of human rights during election period" a case study of Uganda 2011 general elections

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
The above research was carried out in Kampala District within the Republic of Uganda with an intention analyzing the nature of the just concluded general elections in Uganda. The research puts a lot of emphasis on the violations of human rights during this period. The research in its chapter one gives and an historical background of Uganda as a democracy and introduces the subject matter of the research. In this regard, the political history of Uganda and human rights are discussed in depth. The research further looks at the laws, domestic and international governing elections in Uganda. It gives a considered opinion on whether such laws are good for proper management of elections and whether Uganda has obeyed them. In this regard, human rights like freedom of assembly and association, freedom of expression among others are taken into account and explained in depth. The research in its chapter three gives an analysis of the 2011 general elections in Uganda. It looks at the agitated reforms of 2008 which were never implemented by the time the election was conducted. It also cites cases of human violations that took place during the period of campaign, the polling day and even thereafter. In the research process , different methods of data collection were are applied which included; questionnaires whereby information was gotten through structured questions containing both open and closed ended questions, interviews with some officials of the Electoral Commission and observations which included fact finding missions whereby the researcher would observe the factors in the actual sense by interacting with the respondents, library research which involved comparisons of literature that was previously researched on a relevant field both locally and internationally. Basing on the research findings, it can be concluded that majority of the people are not aware of their electoral rights, that the government and other stakeholders need to conduct serious civic education in order to enlighten the population on these constitutional rights. The research findings further indicate that, military presence at polling stations greatly intimidated the voters probably causing the low voter turnout. Voter bribery, violence, mismanagement of the voter register were other forms of violations as given by the respondents. The research recommends possible tenable solutions to the challenges aforesaid. The electoral commission deserves a radical surgery and complete overhaul; the government should promote the rule of law and fight impunity to avoid further violations in days to come.
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of law in partial Fulfillment of the a ward of the degree in bachelor of laws of Kampala international university
Human rights, Violation, Election period, Uganda 2011 general elections