Determination of students' academic performance in private school:

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study based on the determinants of students' performance in private schools in Nkenge province - Kagera region in Tanzania. The purpose of the study was to investigate the root causes of good performance in private schools in Nkenge province. The study was guided by the following objectives; identifying factors to god performance in private schools in Nkenge province, assessing the number of trained and qualified teachers in these private schools, identifying the availability and use of teaching and learning aids and supervision of instructions, ad examining the disciplines in private schools in the mentioned above province. This study was carried out against the background that there is difference in performance among private schools and government schools where by private schools show good performance than their counter parts. This wonderful performance may have been forced by conducive teaching and learning environment, good payment, discipline among others. The research design of the study involved a sample survey and cross section survey designs based on quantitative and qualitative designs that were employed to gather primary data. Secondary data was sought through documentary analysis. Quantitative data was derived from interviews and focus discussion while quantitative data was derived from questionnaires. The total sample size was two hundred respondents. In analyzing data research study represented the findings in both text and table. The findings of the study revealed that, conductive teaching and learning environment, discipline, good payment to the school staff, close supervision, offering trips to students and other incentives are the major reasons for the good performance in private school in Nkenge province It is recommended that teachers and other school administrators to make sure discipline and giving trips (tour study) to students are put into much consideration in their respective schools.
A Research report submitted to the faculty of education in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with education Kampala International University
Students' academic performance, Private school, Tanzania