Security Issues in Electronic Baking

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
The study was about addressing the security issues in e-banking a case study of Equity bank Kikuyu branch (Kenya). The specific objective of the study was to address the security risks experienced while using e-banking at Equity bank Kikuyu branch. Chapter one established the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the purpose of the study which was to address the security issues in electronic banking at Equity bank Kikuyu branch (Kenya), the research objectives; to address the security risks in c-banking, to address the security responses in c-banking and to address the security risks management or measures in e-banking, the research objectives were used to formulate the research questions, the scope of the study was restricted to Equity bank Kikuyu branch (Kenya), and the significance of the study; which was necessary to address the security breaches like breaches with serious criminal intent, breaches by casual hackers of which these threats gave potentially serious financial, legal and reputational implications. It also helped address the security responses to be taken once any issue of security in electronic banking was experienced. Chapter two was about the literature review of security-, the theoretical framework of the study and also discussed the research objectives in depth. Chapter three was about the research methodology employed, the research design used was both qualitative and quantitative, area of study Equity bank Kikuyu Branch (Kenya), and the study population was the employees of Equity bank Kikuyu Branch (Kenya) of the various departments. The sample design used was random sampling and the sample size was 60 respondents. Primary & secondary data sources were used for data collection through the use of interviews and questionnaires. Limitations of the study which were inadequate information, limited time & financial constraints.
A Project Report Submitted to The School of Computer Studies in Partial Fulfillment for The Award of a Bachelors Degree of Computer Science of Kampala International University
Security Issues, Electronic Baking, Equity Bank, Kenya