Electronic media and domestic violence in Uganda : a case study of Bukedde television

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research was carried out successfully from Bukedde television. The purpose of the study was to assess and know how the media especially electric media has helped to curb down violence in Uganda. The specific objectives were to examine the role of electronic media in the curbing down violence in Uganda and how media has curbed down violence, to know the factors that have led to violence in Uganda today, to know the effect of violence shown on media to public, to ascertain the relationship between violence and media. Violence has taken some good time in Uganda since colonialism, political domestic, religions are all kinds of violence’s experienced in Uganda though domestic and political violence’s are so rampant nowadays Bukedde staff did help me in the research and they helped to give the core causes of violence since most of the news (Agataliiko Nfuufu) is mostly domestic or political violence’s. Factors like; corruption, poverty, poor standards of living, poor education etc have caused violence according to the staff of Bukedde. The methodology was also done where by research designs, research instruments, methods and how data was organized. The methods for data collection included primary source, secondary source, research tools included questionnaire, interview methods. The presentation, interpretation and discussion of findings was done successfully, like background characteristics were done graphically, role of media in the curbing down of violence, effect of violence on media, factors that have led to violence etc have all been presented with pie charts. After the research, below are some of the recommendations. Media companies need to employ skilled people, people should be recruited if possible to erase unemployment, technology should be improved, and better salaries should be given to people.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree in Mass Communication of Kampala international University
Electronic media, Domestic violence, Bukedde television, Uganda