Management Styles and Employees Job Satisfaction in Selected Electricity Power Companies in Puntland, Somalia.

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Kampala International University, Masters degree Of Public Administration And Management.
The following study is intended to determine the management style in terms of transformation, transaction, laissez-faire, and whether their style contributes towards satisfaction among employees considering job itself, promotion, payment, co-workers and supervision. Survey descriptive correlation design had been employed to identify the relationship between the variables. The data were collected from both managers and employees of selected electricity companies in Bosaso, Garowe and Qardho. The population was 145 and 106 had been chosen as sample size. As a research instrument, three different questionnaires were used. The first was Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire-self (LBDQ) which is intended for managers themselves. The second was Leadership Behaviour Description Questionnaire-employees (LBDQ) which is intended for employees to describe the behaviour of their managers as they perceived. The third was Job Index Description Questionnaire (JDI) which is intended to measure the satisfaction of employees regarding to the five features of Job satisfaction. The data has been collected, edited, tabulated and then analyzed with SPSS 16.0. Pearson-Correlation is used to find out the relationships the variables of the research. The data analysis and interpretation was based on the research questions as well as research objectives, the presentation is divided into two parts. The first part presents the respondents profile or demographic information, while the second part deals with presentation, interpretation, and analysis of the research questions and objectives. On the subject of the relationship, the Pearson correlations reading at 0.978 was an indicator of strong and positive relationship. In view of this output, the null hypothesis was rejected. The data findings and implications of the research are discussed and concluded that the managers under the study mostly adopt both transactional and transformation styles but they rarely adopt laissez Faire. In addition, the employees under the study were satisfied with their supervisor's styles of management. Finally, the researcher has recommended for additional researches on the other facets of ,the job satisfaction to academicians and researchers in the future.
A Research Thesis Presented To the School Of Postgraduate Studies And Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Masters Of Public Administration And Management.
Management Styles, Employees Job Satisfaction, Electricity Power Companies, Puntland, Somalia